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CarImageThread - Class in application
A thread used to parallelize the process of receiving image links from google.
CarImageThread(String) - Constructor for class application.CarImageThread
Creates a thread that will retrieve and store an image link after running.
CarInputReader - Class in input
CarInputReader() - Constructor for class input.CarInputReader
CarPriceGetter - Class in input
This will be implemented when/if we receive API access.
CarPriceGetter() - Constructor for class input.CarPriceGetter
checkVehicleChild(VehicleNode) - Method in class objects.FieldNode
Does a binary search to determine if a VehicleNode belongs to this FieldNode
compareTo(FieldNode) - Method in class objects.FieldNode
Compares the name's of the FieldNodes
compareTo(Object) - Method in class objects.FieldNode
compareTo(Vehicle) - Method in class objects.Vehicle
compareTo(VehicleDataPoint) - Method in class objects.Vehicle
compareTo(VehicleJSON) - Method in class objects.VehicleJSON
compareTo(Object) - Method in class objects.VehicleJSON
configuration - package configuration
configure(SpringApplicationBuilder) - Method in class configuration.ApplicationConfiguration
conn(String) - Method in class configuration.VehicleController
Returns all the connections for a given Field in VehicleDiGraph name.
connect(Node, Node) - Static method in class application.VehicleDiGraph
Connects two nodes.
connections - Variable in class objects.Node
ConsumptionReader - Class in input
This reads the fuelconsumption csv file.
ConsumptionReader() - Constructor for class input.ConsumptionReader
cost - Variable in class objects.Vehicle
cost - Variable in class objects.VehicleJSON
COST_INCREMENTS - Static variable in class application.VehicleDiGraph
createVehicle(Vehicle) - Static method in class application.VehicleDiGraph
Creates a VehicleNode and adds it to the graph, generating field nodes in the process.
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